Blue Light Industry-Leading Provider of IBM® i2® Training

With over a decade of experience around the world, Blue Light is the premier source of training for the entire IBM® i2® software. We are a strategic IBM Silver Business Partner specializing in information analysis and data analytics.

Choose from online, self-paced or instructor-led courses conveniently held throughout the year and world. Our hands-on classes will have you effectively working with i2® products in no time.

Blue Light IBM® i2® Training Courses

Blue Light provides a wide array of classes and course, spanning from in-person/instructor-led to online and self-paced.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any reason, we’ll gladly find a solution that best fits your needs, including private courses.

Why Choose Blue Light for Your Training?

  • Expertise in variety of Industries: As the foremost provider of IBM® i2® training in the world, Blue Light as provided training to analysts across the globe from multiple industries including defense, banking, healthcare, loss prevention, fraud, law enforcement, intelligence, consumer protection, cybersecurity, and other commercial and private industries.
  • The Premier i2® Training Experts: Blue Light instructors are recognized as the industry leaders in the provision of all training requirements for the IBM® i2® portfolio with experience using Analyst Notebook in support of real-world operations as a military, law enforcement, intelligence or security analyst.
  • A Variety of Training Options: Depending on location, budget, number of analysts and type of training required, Blue Light provides online self-paced courses and instructor-led courses both online and onsite. To meet customer needs, Blue Light hosts classes at multiple training sites across the United States and can travel to your location no matter where it is on the globe.
  • Customer Focused Training: Our training is focused on “Methodology not Buttonology™,” tailoring classes to the level of student expertise, as well as each customer’s mission. This approach ensures that our customers maximize the benefits of their analytical products and achieve organizational objectives.
  • CPE Credits: Blue Light is the only IBM® i2® training partner awarding students CPE Credits upon successful completion of our Training Programs.


Training Courses


  • 5-Day Course
  • Group live/Online
  • 40 CPE Credits

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  • 3-Day Course
  • Group live/Online
  • 20 CPE Credits

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  • 3-Day Course
  • Group live/Online
  • 20 CPE Credits

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  • 3-Day Course
  • Group live/Online
  • 30 CPE Credits

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  • 2-Day Course
  • Group live/Online
  • 15 CPE Credits

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Supported Industries (and more!)


Health Care



Law Enforcement


Data Centers



Training Courses

All of our public courses are also offered privately.

Additionally, the courses on the right can be privately booked.


  • 5-Day Course
  • Group live/Online
  • 50 CPE Credits

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  • 5-Day Course
  • Group live/Online
  • 55 CPE Credits

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Courses Highlights


Latest Version

Our courses are always taught on the latest version of IBM® i2®.

Analytical Tools

Learn and apply specific analytical techniques and tools.


Hands-on Training

Throughout the course, students will work on realistic training data.

Data Analysis

Understand, import and analyze structured, data into the platform.

Complete Overview

The course offers a comprehensive overview of the platform.


Understand the chart elements, build examples, and compile for presentation.


Web-Based Courses

Blue Light offers Virtual Training for customers that are not able to travel to one of our training course, or that would like to learn at their own pace.

These courses are designed to allow access to a virtual environment, hosted by DigitalChack, on an Amazon Web Service server and to conduct self-paced training and to progress from level to level when they are ready.

Access DigitalChalk

Analyst’s Notebook (ANB)

Blue Light offers virtual web-based training hosted by DigitalChalk and using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. Classes are conducted on a regular basis and can provide training for multiple users simultaneously. We are currently offering two Analyst’s Notebook packages:

ANB Basic Package $800

  • Introduction to User Interface (UI)
  • Single Entity Creation
  • Linked Entity Chart Creation
  • Merge and Manage Charts
  • Importing with Analyst’s Notebook
  • Basic Analytical Techniques

ANB Advanced Package $800

  • Analyst’s Notebook Refresher
  • Importing Refresher
  • Change Representation
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Filters and Histograms
  • Map Chart Items
  • Publishing Tasks and Presentations

Self-Paced Virtual Lab

Blue Light offers self-paced virtual training hosted by DigitalChalk in which the analyst has access to video tutorials, exams, and a virtual desktop that they can utilize to train at their own pace.

Upcoming Training Courses


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