i2 Technical Support

Customized i2 Support

Keep Your Analysts in Business

Blue Light’s Technical Support Team is renowned for its experience and skill to enable customers to get the most out of their i2 solution. With decades of experience as analysts and technicians, no one can resolve your i2 problems faster.

Customer Enablement

An informal session providing tips and techniques to give your organization a jump start while ensuring high levels of adoption and satisfaction.

i2 and Blue Fusion Tech Support

Providing assistance regarding specific challenges with the i2 solutions and Blue Fusion.

Schema Design

Workshop style customization of the standard database template.  Blue Light experts work hand-in-hand with your organization’s team to understand the data and use cases, design a custom schema, and enable your team to carry on any further customizations.

Technical Demonstrations

Example use case demonstrations involving multiple technologies so that your organization may understand what capabilities are in their current environment or align with future deployments.


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