Blue Fusion™ – The Most Significant Improvement in Analyst Efficiency in years!

Blue Fusion™* is a multi-cloud, Technology as a Service (TAAS) integrated security platform that enables you to aggregate and visualize all your security and enterprise data providing unparalleled visibility and awareness of hidden security risks while saving you time and money. An easy to install server application, Blue Fusion™* requires no hardware and uses your data as is, with no impact on your IT architecture.

A security platform built for the future.

Unlike other platforms, Blue Fusion™* addresses the issues of connectivity, functionality, and cost to provide an affordable package that integrates with any of your current technologies or data sources, while giving you the flexibility to scale to new capabilities as you are ready.
Blue Fusion™* provides simultaneous connectivity to internal and external databases and social media as well as full integration of sensors, videos, access control, biometrics, facial recognition, and other security technologies. Whether you are on or off-the-cloud, or both, Blue Fusion™* can connect to any security system on the market and leverage that data for visualization as you grow.


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 Spend 80% of your time analyzing data, not collecting it.

A powerful web-based platform interface built to connect disparate data sources and security technologies, Blue Fusion™ can connect to any database or source regardless of location or data type. Its Federated Search capabilities allow you to query unlimited databases with one click saving time. You can finally have all your data at your fingertips in a single pane of glass without the pain of conducting multiple queries or converting data.

Your data all in one place and ready to analyze.

Data Base Types

Sequel, MySequel, DB2, Oracle, Linux, Unix

Data Formats

Structured, Unstructured, Semi-Structured

Data Locations

On-Prem, Public-Cloud, Private-Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Community Cloud

Additional Key Features


Blue Fusion and all components is owned and operated by the client


Blue Fusion can be installed and access data wherever you need it to

Low IT Impact

Data is queried at rest and doesn’t move. No data migration or tagging

Server Application

No hardware to install, easy to download and use

Data Confidentiality

Security data is only touched by authorized users – no data export


Blue Light has trained thousands of analysts over the years


Blue Light is the only IBM Preferred Service Provider for the i2 portofilo


Blue Fusion packages start as low as $35,000 for up to 3 analysts*

Low Monthly Payments

Blue Light can provide financing and long term support contracts**

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