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With almost two decades of experience in predictive analytics, software development and data visualization, Blue Light is continuously focused on developing solutions. We resolve customer security and law enforcement problems including gang and gun violence, theft, property crimes, human trafficking, and poaching.

IBM i2 Solutions

Trusted by Governments, Agencies, Companies, and Communities around the world.

Blue Light has been working with hundreds of various entities to ensure that their analytic needs are met. From anti-terrorism and counter IED efforts to opiate, sexual and drug trafficking to corporate and event security. Blue Light has ensured that customer centric solutions were built with the correct i2 product mix and third party products to provide advanced, yet affordable analytics.

Real Security

for when you can’t take a chance

National Security & Defense

Get the information synthesis you need to make critical decisions that can save lives.

Law Enforcement

Make connections to clarify data and stop crime in real time.


Halt cyber attacks in progress with intelligent analysis and reduce the financial impact of cyber crime.

Fraud & Corporate Crime

Intelligently cross-reference data to uncover fraud and corruption, saving corporations from ruin.

Blue Fusion

Recognized Industry Leader

Blue Fusion™ is our Technology as a Service (TAAS) offering which provides a complete data and technology agnostic platform. It connects to any authorized data source, allowing customers to visualize their security data in a single pane of glass, enhancing the power of i2 Analyst’s Notebook. No other platform offers the client the power of aggregated data, data visualization and integrated security alerts to meet their security needs. 

Blue Fusion empowers the user to:


Ingest, aggregate vast amounts of structured and unstructured data regardless of location, format or structure into a scalable, multi-user database environment on the cloud or on-prem.


Fuse and normalize that data maximizing data availability to analysts in a easy to use server application environment with immediate access by any authorized user


Search your data with powerful federated and visual query search capabilities that save time and provide a 60% increase in analytical search efficiency.


Conduct advanced analytics such as sophisticated geospatial, visual, temporal and social analysis capabilities with i2 to provide analysts with greater situational awareness

Blue Light is the only IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook Preferred Service Provider in North America and the leading commercial seller of i2 products in the U.S. With a highly experienced i2 sales team of military and law enforcement sellers, a dedicated Analyst’s Notebook portfolio demonstration team and a team of i2 solutions designers, Blue Light can build the i2 solution or integration that meets your needs.

Did you know that there is a whole ecosystem of products designed to bring advanced functionality and integrate innovative technologies to create security solutions that are unmatched in their ability to alert, ingest data and increase awareness of security threats. From video to access control, unstructured data, biometrics and more, Blue Light can show you how these additions to I2 can increase your security status.     

Blue Fusion turns overwhelming and disparate data into actionable intelligence in near-real time. It empowers you to make confident decisions and take action

Technology as a Service

Now Available!

  • Have a smaller analyst shop with limited or off-site IT support?
  • Afraid that your IT support team may not have the expertise to manage servers, connectors and/or databases or understand i2 installations?
  • Want a solution that will allow you to scale or downsize technologies as necessary, can be placed on a private, public or hybrid cloud, and be on demand?
  • Looking for an i2 Solution that comes with maintenance, upgrades and support for a low monthly cost?

No Worries!

Blue Light now offers its Blue Fusion solution as a Technology as a Service (TaaS) solution with full installation, maintenance, update and support to support those smaller clients that need the amazing functionality of i2 Analysts Notebook with the customized integration of their security technologies and data while providing them the comfort of knowing that Blue Light will ensure that their system is operating for them 24/7.

Benefits of the TaaS Support Offering:

Improve Performance

i2 and Blue Fusion programs as well as integrated technologies are supported and upgraded by Blue Light technicians enhancing the overall functionality and performance of the software and increasing its lifecycle as well.

Tech Support

Blue Light Technicians will help enable your analysts during the installation and are on call to answer your questions on your i2 software, installation and configuration and get you the answers you are looking for when you need them

Easy Scaling & Upgrading

The i2 ecosystem is constantly adapting new technologies and customers are always interested in new trends. Blue Light Technicians can turn on and off Technologies allowing you to scale i2 solutions as you need.

Cut Costs

Without the maintenance of software services or licenses, or keeping i2 expertise on staff, or additional hardware Blue Light can cut IT costs greatly  reducing an organization’s investment for IT.

Financing Options

Making Security Accessible for Everyone

  • Do you have a streamlined budget?
  • Need to turn your IT CAPEX investment into smaller OPEX payments?
  • Looking for a flexible approach that will allow you to afford a more complex solution?

We Have You Covered!

 Blue Light and its financing partners offer flexible payment options for up to 5 years for qualified buyers to allow them to upgrade their solution, acquire more technologies and obtain the support and maintenance they deserve.

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