The SAFER Congregation

Our Churches Need Protection Too

Violence extends into churches, synagogues, and mosques here in America, affecting some of our most unprotected and vulnerable populations. It has unfairly affected the quiet, reflective nature of our religious institutions.

Designed to Support Communities of Worship

One of the leading issues concerning violence in our faith-based communities in the open, trusting nature of people of faith. Their willingness to accept and help anyone is a great strength. However, that open-handed posture has also left our faith-based communities wide open to exploitation by violent people.

Congregations are not in the habit of assessing threats or risks. Yet there is substantial information, data, and alerts that can serve to make congregations more protected. We can help you achieve proactive protection without resorting to metal detectors, armed security guards, and locking down your facilities.

The Power of Technology

Serving the Faith Based Community

The SAFER Congregation leverages the power of readily available technology to increase awareness of threats and  monitor security incidents if they occur. The SAFER Congregation is based on Blue Light’s Blue Fusion Integrated Security Analytics platform. A data-agnostic, scalable, Technology as a Service (TaaS) platform, Blue Fusion allows churches, synagogues, and mosques of any size to connect to ALL their security data sources, databases, and security technologies. This enables you to visualize that data through the power if i2 Analyst’s Notebook, the industry standard for data visualization and analytics.

This combination of connected data sources and analytics highly augments your congregation’s capabilities and provides your Security Manager the ability to conduct complex analytics.  Security Staff can then identify hidden links and security risks while conducting their own investigations into security events. Blue Fusion centralizes alerts and displays critical security events on geospatial maps, allowing the Security Manager to convert the congregation’s SOC into an Incident Response Center on demand.

We are proud to offer this industry-leading “SOC in a Box” solution.

Providing unmatched visibility into your security data, allowing you to make faster, more informed, security decisions.

A Security Solution

that offers a Helping Hand

The SAFER Congregation is not just focused on security, it also works to help identify congregation members or other reported persons or families, that require help. It is apparent that today, more than ever, there are people that need assistance, but they don’t know how or are embarrassed to ask for it. Given their focus on helping humanity, it is critical that the faith-based community have the tools that are available to assist in identifying and reporting security risks. Today, social media sites, texting apps, internet sites and more, can be used to help identify individuals that require assistance and then permit the congregations to leverage its own or the community’s services to help.


Designed to Affordably Protect Communities

The SAFER Congregation also is designed to provide protection at lower price points. As entities that are renowned for their generosity and commitment to caring, Congregations are very sensitive to pricing as their capital expenditure budgets are usually very low. With Blue Fusion’s simple installation and configuration requirements and ability to ingest and access data from any location, The SAFER Congregation is designed to scale and provide protection around entire communities of churches or entities of faith. Whether it’s a suite of multi-denominational churches or a nation-wide network of synagogues the SAFER Congregation can cover many entities simultaneously, providing enhanced security at an affordable price point.


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