The power of “real-time” data at your fingertips.

With our patented Federated Search Technology, Blue Fusion addresses the limitations of legacy ETL systems to deliver real-time operational intelligence faster and more efficiently.


For more than two decades Blue Light has been providing critical in-person, online, and self-paced online, analytical i2 training.


Blue Light’s team of professionals are committed to ensuring you have the best analytical solutions. Experience the Blue Light difference for all your analytical and analysis needs! 

Customized i2 Analyst's Notebook Training

Choose from online, self-paced, or instructor-led courses held throughout the year and world. Our hands-on classes will have you working with the latest versions of i2 products in no time.

Premiere Consulting Services (PCS)

Additional services, such as custom solutions, consulting services, and industry-leading technical and customer support are also available. Take advantage of Blue Light’s unparalleled i2 knowledge to take your business to the next level.

The Difference is in the Details.

Blue Light brings decades of collective experience in configuring, setting up and supporting analytical environments all over the world.
Each customer is provided with a dedicated team to ensure every aspect of their experience will be timely addressed.

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Why Blue Light?

We are the industry’s best-kept secret. As a strategic IBM Gold Business Partner specializing in data analytics since 2004 – the longest in the industry – Blue Light will provide you with the knowledge and peace-of-mind only experts can provide.

What Matters Most

Your organization will receive the most comprehensive experience for your needs — from training and solution design, to complex implementation, integration, and ongoing technical support.

Blue Light’s i2 Solution Certification 

i2® Intelligence Technical Mastery Test v2

i2® Intelligence Sales Mastery Test v2

i2® Analyst Notebook Support Professional

i2® Intelligence Technical Professional v2

i2® Certified iBase User

i2® Certified Instructor Analyst's Notebook

i2® Certified Instructor iBase Designer

SVP Primary Support Provider Mastery Professional v1

i2® iBase Support Professional v1

i2® Certified Instructor iBridge

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