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Addressing Today’s Corporate Security Concerns

Recent violent events have companies more focused on security than ever. But security budgets are tight, investments in security technology have already been made and many companies are focused on other business threats like cyber attacks.  Businesses are under an increased threat of attacks such as employee on employee or manager violence, fraud, theft, and counterfeit goods in addition to cyber attacks.

 Often, companies have distinct security systems that do not integrate well and databases and feeds that do not interact.   Today, Security Managers need assistance in identifying the physical, technical and reputational threats against their company and centralizing their security system alerts, analytics, and reporting.  However, they also need to be able to become an Incident Response Center when emergencies strike.

An Innovative Platform

“Security Operations Center in a Box”

Every Security Manager deserves its own Security Operations Center, or SOC, no matter how large or small they are. The SAFER Company is based on Blue Light’s Blue Fusion Integrated Security Analytics platform, a data-agnostic, scalable, Technology as a Service (TaaS) platform. It allows Security Managers to connect to ALL their security data sources, databases, and security technologies. Then, they can visualize that data through the power if i2 Analyst’s Notebook, the industry standard for data visualization and analytics. 

The combination of connected data sources and analytics highly augments SOCs capabilities.  It also provides the ability to conduct complex analytics.  This enables the Security Staff to identify hidden links and security risks while allowing the Security Manager to conduct their investigations into security events.  With its ability to centralize alerts and display critical security events on geospatial maps, Blue Fusion allows the Security Manager to convert the SOC into an Incident Response Center on demand.

We are proud to offer this industry-leading  “SOC in a Box” Solution.


Improved Security Through Data Connectivity

Security Managers are limited to security data that is in separate systems, databases, and data sources as well as analog and digital technologies.  Without access to data and the visualization of that data, companies are essentially blind to some threats and limited in their ability to resolve them.

Centralized Monitoring and Alerting

One of today’s overwhelming security problems is that Security Managers are monitoring different security technologies that are not connected or interpretive. The SAFER Company adapts to all your security technologies and the data whether they are analog or digital, old or new, wired, or wireless.

Our system seamlessly allows you to scale and connect to any security technology through customized connectors that feed the Blue Fusion™ platform and provide instant alerts. Once alerted, the Security Staff can then use the power of Blue Fusion to analyze and report the situation.

Supported Technologies


Video Monitoring


Card / Badge Readers


Access Controls


Facial Matching Systems


Motion Control Sensors


Smart Sensors


Smart Buildings


Anonymous Texting Apps



Social Media / Publicly Available Information


License Plate Readers



Converts to an Incident Response Center

The SAFER Company is designed to provide the Security Manager the ability to convert their SOC to an Incident Response Center when required*. By leveraging the data connectivity of Blue Fusion and its ability to monitor Publicly Available Information to include social media, news reports, weather, traffic and State, Local and Regional feeds, and augmenting that with internal and external communications, Security Managers are kept in a constant state of awareness allowing them to make informed decisions during a crisis.

*depends on Customer configuration and technologies provided


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