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A Proactive Response to School Safety

Everyone is aware of the impact that violence has had on our schools. Students and Teachers attend classes more preoccupied with violence than ever, and parents are increasingly worried about the potential of violence in our schools.

One reason that school violence appears to be so persistent is that the normal approach is responsive and not predictive in nature.  Most school solutions focus on the extremely violent acts that occur in our schools such as shootings, suicides, and bombings that represent less than 1% of the violent or abusive events that occur.

A New Approach to School Violence is Needed

Instead of metal detectors, bars on windows, and armed guards, (all which have some utility) what if schools were able to leverage their accessible data and integrate that with technologies that enabled them to identify the much larger subset of events?  Self-harm, bullying/cyberbullying, drug usage, and sexual molestation are precursors to more horrific events we typically focus on.  This predictive approach can help identify students, teachers, school employees, and even parents in need. Then, you can help them get the attention and care they need to address these issues before they escalate.

Addressed Risks






Sexual Assault / Harassment


Cyber Bullying


Gun Violence


Physical Threats


Drug / Alcohol Use


Disgruntled Employees / Parents

A Predictive Approach

to School Safety

Predictive analytics has been used for decades to address the security and safety needs of government and commercial institutions.  This allows you to leverage the power of analytics and applying it to relevant data sources.

The SAFER Campus’ Blue Fusion™ allows schools to not only analyze their internal data but simultaneously access and analyze data from external sources such as the Internet, Social Media, and Anonymous Texting. This gives the same capability as larger institutions to identify patterns or trends that indicate an increased risk of violence. With this information, schools can act promptly to address them.

Providing unmatched visibility into your security data, allowing you to make faster, more informed, security decisions.

A Compliant School Security Solution

Knowing the concerns that schools and the public have about Personally Identifiable Information and other sensitive data, The SAFER Campus has been designed to be compliant with all possible Federal and State regulations regarding privacy. This includes the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Our solution also empowers school authorities versus Law Enforcement Officials allowing them to focus on those issues that they can legally resolve. It allows your school to report only those issues that require Law Enforcement attention to the authorities which help interdict the “school to prison pipeline”.


Leveraging Today’s Technology

for Student and Teacher Safety

Blue Light’s Blue Fusion™ Integrated School Security Platform is a technology and data-agnostic platform. It allows schools to rapidly connect to their internal, external, State, Local, and Regional and National databases.  When combined with other data sources such as texting applications, publicly available information, and internet data, Blue Fusion brings an enormous amount of security data.  This allows schools to be aware of security risks and threats and be able to do the analytics to properly respond to the security risk. 

With additional alerts from the school’s biometrics, license plate readers, video cameras, motion sensors, and other cutting edge technologies, Blue Fusion can quickly transform from an analytical platform into an incident response center providing educational institutions the ability to manage their response to critical events.


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