History of the Blue Light Name

As a company founded and operated by Retired Special Forces Veterans, the name Blue Light has a special meaning for those who have had the privilege of wearing the Green Beret.

In the late 70’s the U.S. Military started to understand the requirement for a Counter Terrorist Organization that could meet and defeat the growing anti-U.S. Terrorism threats that were escalating around the world.  Originally assigned to the 5th Special Forces Group at the legendary Smoke Bomb Hill, the drive to create a dedicated Counter-Terrorist (CT) Unit was initiated by Col. Charlie Beckwith who relentlessly pitched the concept to the Pentagon as a critical gap in the U.S. military.  While the concept had been kicked around for a while, Col. Beckwith was given the “green light” to proceed with producing a professional Counter Terrorism unit to be named Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta, or Delta Force, and was given 24 months to accomplish the mission.

However, during the 24-month period necessary for Delta to be created, the requirement for such a CT organization need to be filled to meet the terrorist threat the U.S. still faced.  To fill that gap, the task to quickly ramp up an interim CT unit was given by the Army to Col. Mountel, the Commander of the 5th Special Forces Group at Fort Bragg.  Soon, the most qualified personnel in the 5th Special Forces Group, all of them Vietnam Veterans of some of the most classified and sensitive missions conducted during the Vietnam War were selected and assembled in the Mott Lake Compound and were given the mission to quickly build the Nation’s first Counter Terrorism Unit.

Its code name was….

Blue Light