5-Day IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis Complete Course


5 Day Course

Group Live or Online


Advanced Level Course

$2,000 Per Student

Course Description


This five-day course is specifically designed for Industry users, law enforcement and Military on the use of Enterprise Insight Analysis (EIA) in support of the intelligence cycle and link analysis. This course is 10% lecture and 90% hands-on training focused on developing the requisite skills to utilize the basic functions of the program to conduct network and link analysis.

The course format and curriculum incorporates aspects of new and emerging skill-sets into a dynamic curriculum that accommodates new Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs).


After completing this course, students will understand the following:

  • Introduction to Enterprise Insight Analysis (EIA)
  • Understanding of the Portal and its Functions
  • Creating Entities and Links in EIA
  • Importing Data into EIA
  • Searching Techniques in EIA
  • Understanding of Analytical Functions
  • Understanding of Publishing Tasks

55 CPE Credits

Blue Light is the only IBM® i2® training partner awarding students CPE Credits upon successful completion of our Training Programs.


Course Highlights


Latest Version

Our courses are always taught on the latest version of IBM® i2®.


Analytical Tools

Learn and apply specific analytical techniques and tools.


Hands-On Training

Throughout the course, students will work on realistic training data.

Data Analysis

Understand, import and analyze structured, data into the platform.


Complete Overview

The course offers a comprehensive overview of the platform.



Understand the chart elements, build examples, and compile for presentation.