Public Training

Analyst’s Notebook Training

Around the Country


To meet the training needs of the i2 Community, Blue Light conducts Public Courses around the U.S.  Designed to bring functionality and value of i2 Analyst’s Notebook to student. These courses are held in technical training classrooms with industry leading training capabilities and led by one of Blue Light’s Professional i2 Analyst’s Notebook Trainers.

Interactive, Online Attendance

For those that cannot attend our public courses in person due to travel concerns, Blue Light makes these courses available for virtual attendance.  These highly interactive courses insert you into an ongoing public course with access to the same materials, charts and live one on one chat with the instructor

Course Highlights


Latest Version

Our courses are always taught on the latest version of IBM® i2®.

Analytical Tools

Learn and apply specific analytical techniques and tools.


Hands-on Training

Throughout the course, students will work on realistic training data.

Data Analysis

Understand, import and analyze structured, data into the platform.

Complete Overview

The course offers a comprehensive overview of the platform.


Understand the chart elements, build examples, and compile for presentation.

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