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With almost two decades of experience in predictive analytics, software development, and data visualization, Blue Light is continuously focused on developing solutions. We resolve customer security and law enforcement problems including gang and gun violence, theft, property crimes, human trafficking, and poaching.

An Integrated Solution

For Police Analytics

Easy to install, train, and maintain; Blue Fusion was designed to meet Law Enforcement analytic requirements to access on and offsite data. It empowers you to query that data with no impact on the original data source.

Blue Fusion can quickly connect Law Enforcement analysts with internal data sources such as CAD and RMS data while ingesting data from CJIS, TLO Clear, Lexis Nexis, Duns and Bradstreet, HIDTA, RTCC data feeds, and State and Federal data repositories and more. The Federated Search capabilities allow for the simultaneous querying of all those data sources. This saves valuable analyst time and increasing case throughput and rapid ingestion for analysis.

Blue Fusion also provides Police Departments with a workgroup solution allowing their analysts to work in their own environments (sexual crimes, violent crimes, property crimes, etc.) and share charts and attached data with each other.

Affordable, Scalable Analytics

From a Recognized Industry Leader

Understanding the budgetary pressure that all Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) are under, Blue Fusion was designed to be a scalable solution. This allows even the smallest of LEAs access to a powerful workgroup solution with integrated data sources at an affordable price.

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