At BlueLight we know that in order to stop financial fraud you need to have access to the best data possible and be able to find unseen connections in mountains of unstructured and structured data from disparate sources.  We know that searching that data one source at a time and having to write queries and export and import can be so time consuming it leaves little time for actual investigative work. That’s why we have built i2 connectors to the best data sources and made them searchable simultaneously right beside your data. That’s right now you can do federated searches across unlimited data sources simultaneously using BlueLight’ s Patented Technology. Reducing analysts time by as much as 400% and allowing them to find fraudsters faster with minimal data points! 

See the latest Innovations in i2 Analysts Notebook Premium 9.2.2 with i2 Connect along with new BlueLight i2 connectors for Lexis Nexis Whooster and Spycloud and more than 20 other databases and tools that can be used for many types of fraud and financial crime, such as: • Money Laundering • Crime and Terrorist Financing • Insurance Fraud • Bribery and Corruption • Sanction List • Tax Evasion • Credit Card Fraud • Counterfeiting • Insider Fraud • Securities and Trading Fraud • Retail and Online Trading • Embezzlement • Gaming and Betting Fraud • Money Transfer and Payment Frauds •

Regardless of the fraud and financial crime types, three attributes hold true: 1. There’s always an individual or group of individuals behind all frauds. 2. Sophisticated fraud generates digital footprints that can be followed, if discovered. 3. Remaining non-obvious and undetected is key to a successful fraud.

National security and law enforcement have relied on IBM i2 solutions for nearly 30 years, helping analysts turn overwhelming and disparate data into actionable insight and intelligence, in near real time. The solution can help ensure an understanding of your threat landscape and identify vulnerabilities so as to disrupt and uncover threats. It can help you quickly find hidden connections and critical patterns buried in internal, external and open source data.

IBM i2 solutions for the investigation of fraud and financial crimes can yield the following benefits:

• Identify attempts at fraud, money laundering and cybercrime-related activities • Reduce the volume of false positive and false negative alerts while increasing the quality of alerts • Uncover complex, suspicious cross-channel fraud sooner • Distinguish fraudsters from your valued customers quickly • Improve analyst and investigator effectiveness and efficiency • Reduce losses and minimize the impact to the customer experience • Help meet regulatory compliance obligations • Employ enterprise intelligence to continuously adjust operations and stay ahead of trends Overall, a threat and intelligence analysis solution needs to increase understanding of complex criminal, terrorist and fraudulent networks.

An IBM i2 solution for the investigation of fraud and financial crimes allows analysts to gain better insight and understanding of the structure, hierarchy and modus operandi of complex networks, aids the decision-making process and ensures best resource utilization for operational activities in network disruption, surveillance or suspension. Where to start? Fraudsters are smart, agile people; therefore, we need similar types of people to mount a defense. To move faster than the speed of threat and outthink the fraudsters requires a dedicated team. In some cases, these teams may exist today within an institution. Going forward, it’s anticipated that these types of teams will be more common.

So why not arm you Fraud Investigations team with the best tools to do their jobs. Set up a time to speak with BlueLight today about what we can do for your organization. PM me for details or call sales at (919) 436-4170.