Free Webinar: Analyst’s Notebook 201

A picture is worth a thousand words that describe what Analyst’s Notebook can do. However, to unlock its ability to analyze data you must start with the basics. 201 is a crash course with lots of real-world examples on how to best leverage the software. You should leave this session full of inspiration and ideas […]

Free Webinar: Introducing Blue Fusion

Register for our Free Webinar: Introducing Blue Fusion on August 3, 2022, at 1 pm (EST) Blue Fusion is an agnostic middleware providing a seamless integration between your link analysis environment and data sources. The patented, federated query allows for the most efficient workflow and simple way to search across desparate data sources simultaneously. An […]

Premium Webinar: Analyst’s Notebook: Advanced Analysis Features

Price: $9.99 There are vast advanced capabilities within ANB! This session will dive into those features coupled with real-world case examples on how to leverage your software most effectively. If you're just using ANB to draw out your case's organizational layout, this class is definitely for you! Find out what you've been missing and learn […]