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Contact Tracing is the process by which a person who has tested positive for COVID-19, called a Person Under Investigation (PUI) is interviewed by a Contact Tracer to understand their contacts and travels over the last two weeks so that they can be rapidly identified and contacted to enable testing, diagnosis, treatment or isolation as directed by relevant authorities.

Enhanced Contact Tracing is a digitally enhanced version of traditional contact tracing that not only speeds up the intake of (PUI’s) and their Contacts through the use of Digital Forms and Case Management Applications but also uses connected DATA Sources to quickly identify the Transmission Chain by providing Identity and location Information associated with those in the chain up to 400x faster than calling alone.

The number one problem facing Contact Tracers is that they spend hours collecting data from the PUI’s and hours more searching for contacts information to start the notification process.  Additionally, if the persons being traced do not provide accurate information or don’t even answer the phone then the contact tracing effort fails. Tracers typically cannot query internal and or external databases to identify other COVID related issues such as disease transmission patterns, emerging COVID hot spots or other potentially infected people.

BlueFusion Covid Dashboard for i2


with Faster Time to Notification Better Intelligence and Deep Dive Analytics

With its ability to rapidly query COVID related databases and provide the “deep dive” analytical power of i2 Analyst’s Notebook, Blue Fusion can enable Contact Tracers to rapidly collect notification data within seconds and COVID or medical analysts to have access to increased amounts of COVID related data empowering them to identify disease specific patterns and trends to better fight the transmission of the disease.

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Blue Fusion takes this process from an average of 10 hours to less than 1 minute!

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Integrated COVID Solutions with Deep Dive Analytics and Data Visualization

The Blue Light ECT solution is one of the few on the market that has powerful integrated analytics of i2 Analyst’s Notebook so that customers can get the “big picture” that their data can tell them relevant to managing COVID-19. This provides ECT users the unmatched ability to conduct “deep dive” analytics on their collected data to visualize disease related concerns. When combined with other COVID-19 related data, Customers can identify COVID trends and patterns that allow them to make more informed decisions.
This ECT analytical capability is more profound than other solutions offering simple dashboard metrics and business intelligence applications that just visualize data. COVID Analysts can manipulate the data and combine it with any other data (CDC, Healthcare, LEA, etc.) in order to assist authorities in identifying patterns in COVID related data that indicate positive or negative trends for resolution.

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Blue Fusion’s technology is not designed to replace any COVID system you are using, but to make it more efficient. Most solutions on the market are designed to notify PUIs and potentially infected persons, provide tracking methods (i.e. RFID, Phone tracking, Google/Apple apps) or refer people to medical facilities for testing and treatment.  Blue Fusion’s approach to Contact Tracing and flattening the gap through more rapid notification while providing industry leading analytics only enhances your current COVID investment. 

Some of the Contact Tracing systems being sold that Blue Fusion can make more efficient:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Systems
  • Cell phone tracking systems
  • Employee/Student wearable tracking technologies
  • Exposure notification technologies
  • Symptom tracking technologies

Blue Fusion supports the areas of the preferred capabilities required by the CDC for Contact Tracing tools such as Patient Identification, Contact Identification, Contact Notification and Contact Follow-up.*

Respecting Privacy and Healthcare Compliance 

Privacy and Compliance are important considerations with Contact Tracing. With Blue Fusion, Contact Tracers can query databases only for minimal contact information to respect the privacy of the individuals being notified. This is vitally important from a privacy perspective as a targeted data request capability avoids the need for mass collection on individuals to perform notification protocols.

Furthermore, ECT questions and notification data do not usually contain Personal Healthcare Information and the Blue Fusion solution is installed on the customer’s architecture and can only be accessed by authorized Contact Tracers, making the solution compliant with HIPAA and other healthcare mandates.

Finance Your Solution to Meet Your Budget

 Blue Light has relationships with IBM Global Financing (IGF) and other banks that can provide financing as low as 0% allowing companies to forecast their CIOVID investment as an Operating Expense and finance for up to 5 years*.

*Financing percentage and term will depend on current offers and customer credit

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