Blue Light has been proudly supporting Law Enforcement Agencies for almost two decades with a focus on utilizing technology to improve their ability to identify criminal activity and remove perpetrators of violent crime off of our streets and from our communities. To date, tens of thousands of criminals that have conducted some the most heinous and violent crimes to include murder, domestic abuse, human and child trafficking, arson, and drug dealing have been taken off the streets by courageous Law Enforcement Officers who chose a profession of protecting Americans.

As Americans, we also understand the passion surrounding the recent protests against police violence and racial injustice and fervently support any non-violent actions that can serve as a catalyst for change in addressing the inequality and bias that still exists in some segments of America, including Law Enforcement. It is a sign of progress that conversations between leaders in America and political activity addressing these concerns is starting to form as well as the significant diminishment of violence to attract attention to these pressing issues. We as a company support this progress.

However, we feel that subsequent calls for downsizing, defunding or withdrawing technological support for our Law Enforcement Agencies does little to address the fundamental issues of improper training, accountability and internal processes that have allowed a few violent, racially-biased police officers to continue to serve and destabilize a critical component of our societal foundation. A step in this direction not only withholds the critical resources to address racial bias, but further degrades Law Enforcement’s ability to defend the Americans that need protection the most, and denigrates the sacrifice and name of the hundreds of thousands of police officers that serve their communities proudly and with honor.
We cannot abandon them. They need our help and we need them to serve and to serve without bias.
Law Enforcement needs more appropriate funding, not less.

Proper training to include bias awareness training, the validated and proper use of technology for accountability, and better access to psychotherapy and PTSD counseling/support are critical to improving our Law Enforcement Agency’s ability to protect all Americans and to account for improprieties. Only when these issues, and more, are addressed, will our Law Enforcement Agencies be better prepared to serve and to continue to execute their responsibilities to protect Americans in the color-blind manner that they deserve.

We are a small company, with a large impact on our Law Enforcement Community, but we are a close-knit, diverse American family of all colors who also rely on Law Enforcement to protect us. We recognize that a Law Enforcement career is one of the most stressful and demanding occupations there is, often with little reward, yet Law Enforcement, even with its imperfections, is a better example of integration, fairness, and discipline than most companies and institutions in America. Our interface with Law Enforcement Officers of all colors and hundreds of agencies has been one of integrity, loyalty to their communities, and passionate about their jobs to protect their citizenry and to fight evil, but they, like everyone, should do better. We will continue to provide them with the best technology in the business to help them do their jobs, improve their ability to identify bias and abuse, and to serve and protect Americans everywhere.

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