Blue Light received certification to act as a Proprietary School to teach data analytics and i2 Analyst’s Notebook to Veterans and Law Enforcement Officers looking to start or advance their Careers in Analytics

Blue Light LLC. Was notified by the North Carolina Community College System that it has been approved a Proprietary School License to operate as a for-profit institution of training in intelligence analysis.

This certification allows Blue Light to officially provide intelligence training to veterans, law enforcement officers, and civilians that wish to enter this rapidly expanding field.  The school will provide training and certification in several functional areas to start to include Fundamentals of Intelligence Analysis, Open Source Intelligence training, and Analyst’s Notebook Basic and Advanced certification.  Qualifying students will be able to utilize state, federal, and local funding sources to attend.

“We’re excited to receive this certification that will allow us to expand the exciting career field of analytics,” said Blue Light CEO, Bruce Parkman.  “Usually our students already have jobs as analysts and it’s hard for people to get into the field. This certification allows us to work with them to obtain funding and get certified for the thousands of analyst’s jobs that exist in the Government, DoD, Law Enforcement, and companies all over America.”

The Blue Light school will be the first commercial intelligence training school of its kind in the U.S. as most intelligence analyst training courses are offered by the Government or institutions and require clearances or a current position to attend.  The certification was provided on 1 July and Blue Light hopes to start its first official training courses on 1 September in Fayetteville, NC. With the impact of Covid-19, it is possible that the school will receive permission for off-site attendance and possibly Veterans Administration approval in the near future.

About Blue Light

Blue Light specializes in bundled IBM i2 security solutions for Law Enforcement and other industries to address violent crimes, fraud, physical security, and risk management. The company’s Blue Fusion Federated Search connector for IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook turns i2 into a single-pane, 360-degree security, and intelligence solution—combining the best predictive analytics with unlimited access to any accessible data source or technology. Blue Light is the intelligence resource of choice for schools, churches, workplaces, stadiums, utilities, casinos, and municipalities that want to create safer environments, as well as law enforcement and government agencies seeking to protect and serve citizens.

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